Monday, April 28, 2014

No.24 Wow Mesh - fit mesh body

K gals,for all of u who like mesh i just had to post this
New fit mesh body from ~WowMeh - for only 599 l 
to be honest i love it,curves r perfect,coz it fits on ur shape so smoth...
by editing ur shape u edit this mesh body with it
can chouse from small to big ass
from flat to huge boobs
and all with smoth curves,no more edges

Also with it comes hud,that is rly easy to use

as u can see u have it all...
skin in so many shades to fit ur skin,
also there is a place for skin of ut own(or a custom one)
drag and drop in hud
alpha is 1,and it goes in all bodi,but as u see on hud u can select
 layer to remove so u can wear mesh clotes to.

also in pack u get mesh hands and flat feet,but i prefer slink

hmm think that covers all,hope i didn't forget something :)

oh just to say that creators started to make appliers for it so
 just to show u a cute outfit i found @ fi Friday
made by !(HR 3.0)!

Hope u liked what u saw,i know i like it :)
have fun ♥ Mush

Sunday, April 27, 2014


New from

™ ƒяєєку ® 

Dress - Brown jeans dress mesh and fitmesh - (tm) Freeky




New from

Toxic Bish

Shoes - <Toxic Bish> TOX Mesh Heels for SLINK HIGH FEET


New From:

™ ƒяєєку ®

Jaclet - Donna -tm(freeky) - soon in store

Tattoo - Candy - Group Gift - tm(freeky)

New From:

Toxic Bish

Top - <Toxic Bish> Garter Top with applier

Legings - <Toxic Bish> I'm your sexy leggings pink

with appliers

Legings -  <Toxic Bish> I'm your sexy leggings pink




New from :

Toxic Bish

Top - <Toxic Bish> Mini Weet Top blue - with appliers

Pants- <Toxic Bish> Hippi Jeans Short dark blue - with appliers


Bag @ K U S T O M 9

Glasses @ Mans Dep

Hair @ K U S T O M 9

Arm Straps @ fi Friday


Friday, April 25, 2014


New From :

™ ƒяєєку ®

Energie Footwear 

Outfit - Alex Black Pink jumpsuit  - (tm) Freeky

Shoes - ..::Energie::.. Cassidy Heels Pink 


 Accessories :

Bangle Leather Change Silver -RYCA-


[7891.] Mob Clutch - Long - Do i Look Like I Give A Fuck ?

<-o{adrenaliyn}o-> set 43 

BabyDoll. Anklets / Cross Black 

Munique. Beast Spikes Black


Thursday, April 24, 2014



New from

™ ƒяєєку ®

 Energie Footwear

 Toxic Bish

Dress - Brown jeans dress mesh and fitmesh  - (tm) Freeky

Shoes - ..::Energie::.. Cassidy Heels Black  BAG

Accessories - <Toxic Bish> Mesh Angel Wings Ear Cuffs

Munique. Beast Spikes

<-o{adrenaliyn}o-> set AR43

Hair - .Shi Hair : Blown {Monochrome . Unisex}



New From 

™ ƒяєєку ®

Energie Footwear

Dress - Golden fish dress mesh and fitmesh  - (tm) Freeky

Shoes - ..::Energie::.. Cassidy Heels Red  (for slink,high)

Accessories -  ..::Energie::.. Earrings Cross  Deluxe 

..::Energie::.. Long Cross Necklace Deluxe 2 

Bens Beauty - Smyrna Clutch Bag with Texture change hud

Hear - Slink Nicolette Hair Ink

Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant 1

Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High

Skin - Deesses Skins: Alicia  - ice frappe





Wednesday, April 23, 2014


New from :


..::Energie::.. Cassidy Heels Black


New from  ™ ƒяєєку ®


Mesh hair - Bella natural colors -™ ƒяєєку ®

Mesh dress - Bella golden -™ ƒяєєку ®


Saturday, April 12, 2014


New From Toxic Bish

Top - <Toxic Bish> Mini Tee Blue (with appliers)

<Toxic Bish> Body Garter Black (with appliers)

<Toxic Bish> Single Fishnet Stocking Light Blue (with appliers)


New From Toxic Bish


Pants - <Toxic Bish> Guidance Pants Pink (with appliers)

Top - <Toxic Bish> Mini Tee Pink (with appliers)

Thursday, April 10, 2014


New From Energie

..::Energie::.. Cross Earrings 

..::Energie::.. Cross Necklace Deluxe